Fire up the heart!


So I did a Gaiamemory Askbox Meme!

  • Cyclone: Your favorite force of nature
  • Joker: One "Trump Card" or good luck item you own, and its story
  • Heat: One thing that just makes you feel free
  • Metal: Your go-to weapon of choice in games
  • Luna: Something strange about you that you're proud of
  • Trigger: 3 Songs that you can't help but sing along to
  • Xtreme: One person who you feel connected to, like a soulmate (not necessarily romantic)
  • Accel: A tragedy in your life that has made you stronger
  • Trial: A speed-based accomplishment that you're proud of
  • Skull: Who would you would give your life to save?
  • Eternal: Who is one person who is as close to your definition of "perfect" as they come?